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To live in line with our values we must create a life of

purpose and intention. I want to help you get there.


what I offer:

I help my clients identify their health goals and the barriers preventing them from having the lifestyle they envision. We will discuss steps to help you build healthy habits that support your own personal values. Each session is individualized to the client. 

My coaching program includes two different packages for 1:1 coaching (3 or 6 months). My approach is holistic, as I see each person as whole and capable. Health to me encompasses not only your physical health, but your mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well.

you might be a good client fit if:

If you are someone who

  • falls on the neurodivergent spectrum

  • is tired of holding yourself back

  • wants to transform your life into something more meaningful

  • is ready to up your health game

  • is searching for tools to decrease anxiety and get better sleep

  • wants to make healthy dietary choices

  • is ready to create an exercise routine

  • wants to create healthy boundaries for yourself

AND you are someone who

  • is not racist or homophobic and respects the differences others bring forward.


If this is you, please sign up for a free consultation call!

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